Scheufler Farms, Inc

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  • Lee & Margaret Scheufler
  • 1810 22nd Road
  • Sterling, KS  67579
  • 620-257-2508

Our farm is located in the middle of the United States in central Kansas.  Contact Us >

Photograph of the Grand Tetons.

It's easy to find and visitors are always welcome.  Give us a call if you'd like to stop by.  Here are the directions more...

Photograph of the Grand Tetons.


The tools we use on our farm fall into four main categories.  We also do custom planting and harvesting in our local area.


Since it is critical in no-till to have timely application of chemicals, we own our own sprayer, a JD 4730 , and purchase our chemicals in bulk from various suppliers.  This sprayer is equipped with a John Deere AutoTrac system for automated steering through the field using a locally corrected GPS signal (RTK differential).  We also have an automatic boom height system installed that was manufactured by NORAC and a pulse width modulation system from Capstan.


  • We own a JD 1890 no-till air seeder with JD 1910 commodity cart  which we use to plant wheat, oats, rye, soybeans, milo, alfalfa, etc.  It is spaced at 7.5 inches but we can also plant on 15 inch spacing.  We often apply dry starter fertilizer with this unit as well.  This unit will variably apply either or both seed and fertilizer from operator commands or from a map-based prescription plan.
  • We  have a JD 1770 16 row, 30 inch spacing planter for planting corn, milo, soybeans, sunflowers, etc. in 30 inch rows.  We pull a 1600 gallon tank to apply liquid starter fertilizer.  This unit is equipped with a flow meter and control system to accurately apply a uniform rate of fertilizer even as the tractor speeds up or slows down.  Both seeding and fertilizer rates can be manually and independently changed from the tractor.  We are able to map the exact locations of seed and fertilizers applied.  This tractor is also equipped with John Deere AutoTrac for automated steering with RTK differential correction GPS.

We custom plant for neighbors to give them the opportunity to have their crops planted with the efficiency of our large scale, no till planting equipment.


  • We harvest with a JD 9770 STS combine
    • Stripper Header
    • Air Reel
    • Corn Head
  • We own , a tandem truck, and a tractor and grain cart.
  • 2 semi truck and trailer units

We extend the use of our combines by custom harvesting for neighboring farmers. 

For Sale

We are selling equipment we no longer use - check later for listing.